William Bus Jaco: An Open-minded Celebrity

Image: Website of William Bus H. Jaco

Someone told me
that William Jaco is somebody,
Kind, caring, and funny,
especially when it comes to topology,
I took it seriously,
When I saw him in person eventually,
what I hear and see make me happy,
He is an open-minded celebrity,
He has intelligence, and energy
that can explode like an atom, just kidding.

Image Credit: Google.com

To Poets Who enjoy Thursday Poets Rally, Please feel free to take this award

and enjoy it in your blog…loved your supportive manner all the way…

Happy Saturday….Keep Writing Beautiful Poetry…

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2 Responses to William Bus Jaco: An Open-minded Celebrity

  1. have a lovely break.


  2. nobody is perfect,

    This guy tried hard to be perfect to all,
    he is smart and tall…

    keep it up.

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