short story slam week 121

Related image  emily enjoys a vacation to Chengde, P. R. China

Image result for summer vacation begins   Lisa Wingate often recalls her childhood memory

   P is for Princeton Faculty and Precious Freedom


it is a petting zoo in our poetic group

a previous member and a present poet

both love reading our poems

a poison free and practising site

we write and promote poems a lot

we prefer online blogging

which is perfect for personals


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short story slam week 116—120, jingle poetry @olive garden peace more special week 50, new york times headlines

Image result for summer vacation begins

Image result for peace and summer glittering





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happy birthday, ariel, 26 is magical

Related image


Related image


Image result for humor and glittering


the most general-smart human is you

the best wisdom and courage is you

the cutest imagery brought to poets rally is you

the unexpected poems written is by you


you are me

I am you

we are them

they are us


a poem is a good friend

it provides pink and green hope

once there is hope

there is dream and satisfaction


Image result for humor and glittering


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happy mothers day, may 12, 2019

Image result for happy mothers day

Image result for happy mothers day

xu xiaolan, xu jianying, ma ran, he zi,

ma shiping, ma bing,  ma yun, ma yingjiu,

xi jingping, xi mingze, xing yunlong,

all lords and princess shall sit cute

and saying good things is rewarding


“happy mothers day”


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random passion

a poem by Laynie gosney Knauss Zenickova Macleon

why do I think of this?

how do I make thing go smooth without confusion?

I try to avoid unnecessary puzzlement

I do mind my mood and my academic progress

a school kids have a cell phone,

he plays a game in it, NORMAL!

a human who attends high school own a individual blog,

it is free, no charge, no bills,

why not making it normal?

bb caller, t-mobile, samsung, galaxy 4, tom,

we all seem adapting ourself to a new planet—-blogging sophere

a ball which rolls with unexpected power

landing on one is good,

it speaks of your type of language…

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short story slam week 114, world peace form in may 2019 (year 8), pppweek 49,poetry and story inn fridays week 44

Image result for bluebell books twitter club

Social Media, how many of them are active?
ABc, Fox news, CBS news, NBC news, news 9, or news 6?????


1. Jennifer Gates 17. Paul Ryan 33. Steven Chen 49. abbey wood
2. liu ying 18. Eric Wood 34. Steven Tucker 50. zhang jizhong (tom mcdaniel)
3. Alex Steiniger 19. Janet Schmidly 35. Amelia Wilson 51. Meng Shiyuan (Richard Allen)
4. Cindy Woodman 20. Tara Robinson 36. tom lee wu 52. Emily Krajicek (wang yan)
5. Heather rowe 21. Taring Egon Chapman 37. mary chapman 53. jennifer wilson
6. Thomas Washington 22. Monkey Man 38. Iris Chang 54. toshi kuba
7. Mary Joseph Samrufz 23. Thomas Washington 39. Joshu Mabee 55. tristan trump
8. Taring 24. Meiro 40. Joe Biden 56. yu lanfeng
9. Infamous Mountain 25. Larry Page 41. william joyce 57. Isabella
10. Dr. Seuss 26. William Joyce 42. President Grant 58. William Manson
11. Leon Jones 27. steven jobs 43. george bush 59. John Ross
12. Shawn bird 28. Bristol Frankwood 44. Peng Zhaojun 60. Madisyn B
13. tanya 29. keith edward 45. tom colbert 61. George W. Zellars
14. K. D. Hurley 30. princess dawson 46. Kalynne Chapman 62. Yu Lanfeng
15. 杜甫 (Peng Shuang) 31. Cindy 47. Rachel Zandy
16. Song poems 32. Barbara Park 48. Anna Robinson



With ink-stained lips,

The boy leaves his poem

For the cool outdoors


Stillness and solitude –

Sinking into stones,

The trill of cicadas


with steel-hooked face
the man bakes his muffins
for the hottest poem blooming in paris


noise and cello strings
echoing half notes into blood type B
the fancy of yalu river

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short story slam week 112, blogging from a to z, V is for Virginia State University


#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

#AtoZChallenge 2019 badge

V  —-  Virginia Wesleyan University

Image result for Virginia Wesleyan University

Image result for Virginia Wesleyan University

Image result for Virginia Wesleyan University   Benjamin Astrum

Dr. Robert “Bob” Hasty is immersed in music. The Evanston resident is principal conductor of the Highland Park Strings, associate director of orchestras at Northwestern University, and music director of the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra and the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra, as well as a frequent guest conductor and freelance violinist and violist. He is married to singer-songwriter Christina Trullio.

Q: What was your career goal when you were growing up?

A: I wasn’t sure. I just knew I didn’t want to do music. A lot of that was because my parents were. I think I just wanted to be independent and follow my own path. My dad is a choral musician and a professionally trained singer. My mother has two degrees in music as a singer. My brother also is in choral music. I was the black sheep of the family. I went into instrumental music.

Q: How did you initially avoid going into music?

A: I was really interested in math and engineering. I went to USC (University of Southern California). Even though I was a violin major, I studied other subjects — ready to change my major at any moment.

Q: When did you begin conducting?

A: I realized who I admired most in music. It was teachers because they had families and lives and other interests. I believe the conductor inside of me was saying, “Go into teaching because you’ll get to conduct.” So I switched my major to music education and became a high school band and orchestra teacher.

Q: What do you enjoy about performing with your wife?

A: It’s something we can do together. It was the first opportunity I had to play fiddle and improvise.

Q: Do you have children?

A: My stepdaughter Emily has given us two grandkids, Sadie and Hugo. My wife and I have two others. My son Christopher goes to Indiana University and my daughter Sophie is a senior at Evanston Township High School.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: We have a pretty old dog named Angus and we gave my daughter a cat that she named Mordechai.

Q: What’s your idea of a perfect day?

A: Riding my bike. I’m an avid bicyclist. I just finished riding the North Shore Century. Brewing beer. If there’s a USC football game on, that would be the perfect day. And, of course, spending time with my family.

Q: What’s your most prized possession?

A: My family is the greatest gift. All of the other possessions don’t mean that much to me.

Q: What current movie would you recommend?

A: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?,” the one about Fred Rogers.

Q: What book are you reading?

A: I really enjoy books about spirituality. I’m reading “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell.

Myrna Petlicki is a freelancer.

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poets rally week 90, humor week 18, poetry and story inn fridays week 42


Image result for oklahoma academic excellence

Image result for clinton water zoo

Image result for clinton water zoo

Image result for clinton water zoo



Kobayashi Issa

Alone among the shady bushes

A girl is singing

A rice planter’s song

Masaoka Shiki

A river in summer

There’s a bridge here, but

My horse prefers water


With useless authority

The great horned owl

Sits moon-eyed in daylight


I envy the tomcat:

How easily he lets go of

Love’s pain and longing


i try to catch some wind

ending up empty handed

peter pan bus roars by


irene and susan grace

which one impresses Grayson

ask the boomer fish


lao chunyan and cao yi

they sing operas for dou yi in Jinan

a neighborly and wavely high

Image result for sarah constantin   sarah constantin

Image result for hanah constantin  a fitbit for sarah’s dreams



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short story slam week 112, blogging from a to z, poets rally week 90, nutrition

Nutrition and Poetry in Lots of PLaces year 7th 2019 2013  week 90.jpg

nutrition hyde park poetry paplace 2013 2019 7th.jpg

Image result for blogging from a to z

Image result for blogging from a to z

Image result for blogging from a to z

Image result for blogging from a to z

Image result for blogging from a to z

Image result for blogging from a to z


Image result for blogging from a to z



c—clothes to wear

d—dance steps





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short story slam week 110,

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

miami, florida,

jacksonville, georgia

people make a journey to the bayfront

talking into empty space

giving light feedback to wondrous sea


a dove may sit near

a cloud may sail low above

yet we machine ourselves with no flying assumption

but pack ourselves with yearning deman—

through night sky, via chopsticks during a meal


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