hyde park poetry week 94, short story slam week 134


Image result for happy chinese new year 2020 greetings

Happy Chinese New Year, 2020

Image result for happy chinese new year 2020 greetings

keep walking higher ground

Image result for happy chinese new year 2020 greetings

Image result for happy chinese new year 2020 greetings

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poetry and story inn fridays week 62,



Image result for 10th anniversary of poetry

Image result for 10th anniversary of poetry

Image result for 10th anniversary glittering

princess ava poppy  princess ava poppy is great

   Shane ByrneHolm is great poem book




Poetics on Mad Cat King Number IV



Uma Mulher Invulgar


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delicious food from yahoo msn staff

Quick Pork Mole Stew


quick pork mole stew


Stuffed Poblano Peppers

stuffed poblano peppers

Mexican Dinner Recipes


Mexican Dinner Recipes

Warning: This Quesadilla Will Revolutionize Dinner


Quesadilla revolutionize dinner

Image result for walmart dinner


Swanson Chicken strips with mashed potato, corn



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cute poetry

Magical Notes on Mad Cat King Number V  annapolis montuwa, a good poem book

Poetics on Mad Cat King Number IV  annapolis montuwa iv, it provides good sense and rich data to world history

Bruce Hale’s Magical Experience with Christopher Johnson   christopher johnson, a brave list of world famous poets

A Math Article Compiled by Yin Wenjuan  yin wenjuan, lulu.com

THE BATMAN PRESSBOOK  andy fish, a cute cartoon drawing

The Cult of Constantine  constantin by Dr. Clinton Willis, a friendly write



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poetry form week 22, humor week 26, short story slam week 129


Image result for boeing 737 aircraft  boeing 737


Image result for boeing 737 aircraft

alaska airline


Image result for boeing 737 aircraft  ryan airline


Image result for spirit air

spirit airline


Image result for southwest airline


types of air bags

colorful routines

the pilots are cheerful

the seats are firm


a trip from Shanghai to Rome

a good taste of space food

coffee, orange juice, milk, hot tea, water, wine, etc.

you choose whatever you need






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poetry and story inn fridays week 55, 56, poetry form week 21, humor week 25, jingle poetry @washington state poetry potluck week 53


Image result for flash fiction 55


Image result for autumn leaves

Walls of Yellow in October 13, october 31, 2019, all festival to Annapolis Montuwa


Image result for halloween costumes   Li Guan


Image result for humor with fish and cat


Irma hotel,

pam brown wines

she could have be happier

despite her profound experience with john dewey

pam seems okay to make a novel case study

which means a student performs

she does mind how a human reacts

she does read lots of educational argument papers

she does make the learning easier than what the text says

when wang hongyu and zhao guoping joins a party,

the food is hot with seaweed

we end up dreaming of smooth sailings

shawn, kaci, jason, tonya, bradley, john, kathryn, patricia,

all of the princess are given musical celebrity treatment

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hyde park poetry week 92, short story slam week 125, humor week 23



Image result for department of mathematics at fudan university  sanya  university



Image result for japanese haiku


With ink-stained lips,

The boy leaves his poem

For the cool outdoors


Stillness and solitude –

Sinking into stones,

The trill of cicadas


tang poems

闲居   gaosi

: 高适 or 高常侍     








唐朝; 李绅  shen li






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short story slam week 124,


Image result for august 19th,


Image result for june flowers




Image result for steven axelrod



monkey business

a mouse, a puppy, a piglet,  a hen, and an ox,

they circle around

lies, impacts, troubles waters, climates, ocean waves, and numbers,

all measurement count

ignorance and crisis form strong board

a wolf cries

all sheep and horse, all tiger and eelim,

they have so much food to chew and

so rich movies to watch

Image result for lovely yahoo cartoon

Image result for lovely yahoo cartoon

Image result for lovely yahoo cartoon







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short story slam week 123, a poetry form called FATTN (WHERSINZ)



poetry form of 2018 (III): FATTN (Whersinz)
—Five and Twenty Two NZ
—5 lines and 22 words

a sample

trust me, I transform
not because I am water
not because I am light
but because I am spring breeze
Listen, Write!!!



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short story slam week 122, poetry form week 17, poetry and story inn fridays week 50



Related image

Image result for humor and glittering


Image result for august 19th,

Image result for humor and glittering


Related image

Image result for illinois spring break


handsome writers from al over the world

rob long

yun yi

w. b. yeats

james gunn

mike holder

les miles

don belt

jason grife

dan larson

nick lantz

jonathan rosenburg

alan eagle

eric schmidt

carman fox

kyla davis

jessica hagy

skyler gray

Kellen DeGrant

Maegan Daniels

FRances Cordova

Kim Wilcox

Chris Clark

Vivian Paley

Patricia Young

Theresa Burke

Ted Hughes

Micah goodson

Dimitri Wooldridge

Alexa Wiles

Aya Al Shakini

Abel Abame

Devin Vogt

Lillian Wittman

Tristan Black

Amanda Botts

Talon Brentlinger

Wyatt Carroll

Carroll O’Corner

Max Brand

Harold Bush

Kiona Cravatt

Ashton Gillpatrick

Julie Teal

Shane Sides

Jaymee Nluns

Francisco Ochoa

Nisha Johnson

John Hennessy

Maxine Greene

Christopher Ryan

Julio Ottino

Mimi Schapiro

Pan Yan

Sally Asher

Jean Frits

Katherine Paterson

Elizabeth Lewis

Leis Lowry

Julie Enger

John Dewey

Christina Paxon

David Wilson

Mark Zuckerburg

Brad Pitt

Angela Jolie

Maria Testa

Bryan Short

wilson Short

Steven Cuurrall

Jenelle Woodlief

David Singel

Robert Makcwa

Josie Silver

Kimmy Wilson

Amelia Wilson

Rebecca Harrison

Lisi Harrison

Jim Inhofe

Leah Henry

Wilson Gremer

Janet Ruscher

Thomas Pickens

John Mayer

Thomas Perez

William Spears

John Powell

Uwe Gordon



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