Natalie Snowflakes and Nancy Fedeler

born in north pole
growing up near River Mosquito
Natalie has many dreams
As a child,
She used to walk bare feet,
experiencing hardship of rocky path
as a juvenile,
she used to ride bikes
traveling sixty miles to see angela frankes
as a young adult
she used to buy train tickets
carpooling from Peru to Cuba
when Natalie attends college,
she used to shop at Oxford University,
and purchase fancy books from Buckingham Palace
Big Ben is tall,
British museum is historical,
Queen elizabeth rose garden is grand
When Natalie snowflakes married Steven Fedeler,
She calls herself Nancy Fedeler,
Being awarded two boys, Morton Fedeler and Samuel Fedeler
Now Natalie resides at CHula, California,
she dreams about grand kids with the family of Whuilson,
she believes in Sabrina, Kathleen, and Lucinda Wilson

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consequence by gary soto

when a stone bridge fails,

you can rebuild it with your hands


with love, when it fails,

the rocks shoot sparks. Gossips


gather at the river’s edge,

skipping stones across the water,


asking intently, “who brought it down?”

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jingle Poems: Babi Yar by Yevtushenko, Yevgeny


Babi Yar

 No monument stands over Babi Yar.
A drop sheer as a crude gravestone.
I am afraid.
 Today I am as old in years 
as all the Jewish people.
Now I seem to be
 a Jew.
Here I plod through ancient Egypt.
Here I perish crucified, on the cross, 
and to this day I bear the scars of nails.
I seem to be
The Philistine 
 is both informer and judge.
I am behind bars.
 Beset on every side.
 spat on,
Squealing, dainty ladies in flounced Brussels lace
stick their parasols into my face.
I seem to be then
 a young boy in Byelostok.
Blood runs, spilling over the floors.
The barroom rabble-rousers 
give off a stench of vodka and onion.
A boot kicks me aside, helpless.
In vain I plead with these pogrom bullies.
While they jeer and shout,
 "Beat the Yids.
 Save Russia!" 
some grain-marketeer beats up my mother.
0 my Russian people!
 I know 
are international to the core.
But those with unclean hands 
have often made a jingle of your purest name.
I know the goodness of my land.
How vile these anti-Semites-
 without a qualm 
they pompously called themselves 
the Union of the Russian People! 
I seem to be
 Anne Frank 
 as a branch in April.
And I love.
 And have no need of phrases.
My need 
 is that we gaze into each other.
How little we can see
 or smell! 
We are denied the leaves, 
 we are denied the sky.
Yet we can do so much --
embrace each other in a darkened room.
They're coming here?
 Be not afraid.
 Those are the booming 
sounds of spring:
 spring is coming here.
Come then to me.
 Quick, give me your lips.
Are they smashing down the door?
 No, it's the ice breaking .
The wild grasses rustle over Babi Yar.
The trees look ominous, 
 like judges.
Here all things scream silently, 
 and, baring my head, 
slowly I feel myself 
 turning gray.
And I myself 
 am one massive, soundless scream 
above the thousand thousand buried here.
I am 
 each old man 
 here shot dead.
I am 
 every child
 here shot dead.
Nothing in me
 shall ever forget! 
The "Internationale," let it 
when the last anti-Semite on earth 
is buried forever.
In my blood there is no Jewish blood.
In their callous rage, all anti-Semites 
must hate me now as a Jew.
For that reason
 I am a true Russian!
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Come Back Safely By Sylva Gaboudikan


Even to say good-bye
even if it’s the last time
even reluctantly

even to hurt me again
even with the harsh acid
of sarcasm that stings

even with a new kind of pain
even fresh from the embrace
of another. Come back, just come.

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okc pets magazine (broken arrow, jenks, sapulpa, and cleverland)

Image result for okc pets magazine

Marilyn King

Debra fite

Steve Kirkpatrick

Anna Holton-Dean

Nancy Harrison

Judy Wang

Chris Wang

Emily Wang

Jill Moreno wilson Wu

Emily Dickerson Wu

Michelle Robinson

Shihe Liu

Ying Liu

Chuanzhen Peng

Cheryl Steckler

Nicole Castillo

Julie Bank

Juer Yan

Zhongqiang Peng

Yongcui Yan

Yongshun Yan

Yongtao Yan

Fei Yang

Zhiyuan Yang

Pat Becker

Kaycee Chance

Nancy Gallimore

Emily Perry

Madeline Rugh

Cindy Webb

Penny Nichols

Yizhi Yan

Caihong Yang

Ai Hong Yang

Qun zhi Yang

Qun E Yang

Guoping Yang

Qingming Yang

Songzhi Hu

Qiao Hu

Lin Hu

Sansan Yang

Mimi Yang

Wanron Yang

Mi Yang

Peifu Wu

Fu Yan

Eric Wu

Neel Rao

Zach Lewis-Hill

Jim Hill

Cathy Lin

Theresa Burke

Patricia Young

bob Young

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bush

George Bush

Barbara Bush

Laura Bush





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short story slam week 36, happy new year of 2016


butterfly sails high

wild cats run wild,

a dog barks, it is about freedom business


vivian pond is deep

lotus petals shoot up elegant

a frog jumps, lots of rings of water waves


the future is unknow

today is here, all good and fine

let’s smile, feel divine!



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Mary’sOnline Friends for 2015

Jena Barber

Jennifer Geary

Vanessa Bush

Barbara Bush

Jenna Bush

Laura Bush

Jeff Bush

Stephanie Clinton

Jill Herzig

Rachel Johnson

Zach Wise

Zach Lewis-Hill

Zach Johnson

Kirby Birch

Alicia Currin-Moore

Hannah Schmidt

Thelma Gaylord

Madeline Pickens

Jen Teel

Jennifer Pape

Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes

Suri Holmes Cruise

Rick Elice



Shane Kroutil

Pam Meyers

Leah Rose

Abby Wolfe

Sarah Pritchard

Judith Sanger

Sarah Palin

Todd Palin

Bristol Palin

Pipe Palin

Dee Hamlon

Caralynn Nowinski

Joanne Moffic Silver

Theresa Woodruff

Mike Carrier

Tom Barlow

Dennis Johnston

Sandy Price

Traci Hayes

Bryan Kaler

Mai Lu McCoy

Nhu Mai

Davidson Pham

Kim Phung

Louis Vuitton

Andy Nguyen

Vina Lee

Jintao Hu

Zemin Jiang

Jiabao Wen

Peng Li

Fuchu Fan

Donghua Li

Ying Meng

Ying Liu

Yi Wu

Guyi Li

Zuying Song

Ying Na

Wei Wei

Fei Wang

Ruby Lin

Xing Peng

Quansen Jiu

Fu Yan

Bingyan Yan

Yong Li

Yansheng Bai

Yansong Bai

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short stroy slam week 35 on christmas and love

short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016


Love speaks

as music fades

and crowds leave


Love embraces

if kindness and tolerance hops

nothing is better than a home with warmth


Love increases

when passion, emotion, and communication act

and give the loved ones smiles.

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short story slam week 34, and

Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments

Image result for a lady in red

Image result for a lady in red

lady in red… 

Image result for black and white shadow

Image result for black and white shadow

Shadowy sign 

Image result for yellow scarf

Image result for yellow scarf

Today is history of Abbey Tomorrow

Six Word Saturday 

Image result for black and white shadow

Image result for black and white shadow



down town Chicago,

a bull tingles its tin can

chewing some pancakes


honeyeater, yellow scarf

black lady contests a lady in red

ruby tuesday rules


short stroy slam w34

a drew drops on orange floor

nightmare near a seagull




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Sheetz of Icy

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

thinking of the Simpsons sitcom,
my heart beats odds, the thought of
Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Megan tickles

mountain high,
mountain low, Colorado
has woods of cactus.

twisted and biased,
the black crow finds its way to
Alaska, and Robin sings

South central Pete Pitt,
Chris Day writes about Tom Lee,
a sheep stamps his feet

in angry voice, Kim Jacobs
announces November taste of Germany meal plan,
Jon Carson approves fisher landscape


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