Barack Obama (A Global Presidental Star)

 Mr. Barack Obama,
A romantic president of America,
He has made the world history,
His daughters are promising,
His wife is supportive
and enchanting,
Run for changes,
Work for improvement
to those who earn minimum wages,
Mr. Obama has starred a famous show
in the most challenging stages,
Way to go,
Let your brilliance glow.

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9 Responses to Barack Obama (A Global Presidental Star)

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  2. tigercity says:

    It’s a touching compliment to Mr Obama but by saying “he made the world history” it can be interpreted as “he confined the world to history” or “he destroyed the world”! we know that’s not true of course it’s just the structure of the line..

  3. Sajeevs blog says:

    Nice patriotic post:)

  4. Jennifaye says:

    Yes he did. HE made history.

  5. elizena says:

    Very well written. A job well done with the 55 word prompt. Be blessed.

  6. This is beautiful…

    way to go.
    bless Mr. Obama,
    he does a great job.

  7. Helen Obama says:

    this hits home.

  8. slpmartin says:

    You capture the visual spirit of the photo well.

  9. charming smiles from the Obama family, way to go.

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