Jingle Poetry Community had several
outstanding officials from India,
a country that stands next to China and
appears as the most competitive country in Asia
to pop out and outshine China,  Kavita Rao,
Leo, Someone Is Special, Olivia, and Shashi
have exceptional talent in poetry and representations,
Trisha is special for her friendship to Jingle.

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2 Responses to India=Indie+Asya+Aya+Yan

  1. Amy Blecha says:

    India needs to open up and welcome all cultures,

    talents are not enough, open mindedness is key,

    best wishes for India.

  2. India comebine all talents there,

    Indie, Aya Wilson, Asya, and Yan..they represent talents to compete with Leo, Kavita, Shashi, Olivia, Trisha, and Someone Is Special …

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