Austin, Texas Was Great (A Special Tribe)

Mrs. Laura Bush and her older daughter

Austin,Texas was great

during 1997-2000, especially in 1998,

Charming State Capital,

Friendly Zilker Park,

Popular H-E-B shopping stores,

Plus fascinating University of Texas campus,

Vacations  to Dallas, Houston, Forth Worth

prove life’s worthiness,

We saw Mrs. Laura Bush

at her 1998 Children’s Book Festival,

Free cookies, free books,

plus music, dances,

Life was Perfect!

Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

This post is written in honor of Thursday Poets Rally founder, who started running poets rally back in January, 2010 in her personal blog, and who has lived in Austin, TX during 1997-2000, it is a summary of her experience in 55 words, Mrs. Laura Bush had  been first lady to the United States during 2000-2008, she has been a role model to our poet and blogger Jingle who happens to have a Master’s Degree in Education and loves visits to public libraries and enjoys reading and has passions in promoting book reading and creative writing in poetry, and children’s literature….Thanks for reading!

Mrs. Laura Bush and her family

Mrs. Laura Bush Encourages Citizens

To Read More Books Than Watching TV

Austin, Texas State Capital Image

University of Texas At Austin Campus

Photo images are credited to!

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14 Responses to Austin, Texas Was Great (A Special Tribe)

  1. elizena says:

    Loved this, especially since I was born in Texas. Made me want to hop a plane and go back right now. Very well done. Be blessed.

  2. FABBY says:

    Great post! So happy to see Mrs. Laura Bush and family in your post, I sure miss her! Thank you for sharing and VIVA Austin Texas!! Have a happy weekend.

  3. This postcard captures your moments.

  4. Kim Nelson says:

    You are luring me to Austin!!!

  5. Glad to be able to blog here, it is snowing outside,

    thanks for the warm embrace in this post, images and words are yummy.


  6. beautiful memories shared here,

    would love to visit Austin again.
    glad to see Mrs. Laura Bush being featured here.

  7. beautiful and inviting post….

  8. Summer Rain says:

    great tribe to a worthy lady and her family..

  9. Snowflakes says:

    reflective, truthful, and perfectly beautiful.

    Thanks for the virtual tour, love Mrs. Laura Bush and her beautiful family.

  10. Thanks for commenting,

    I will try to visit everyone within the next few days…


    love you all,

  11. Jingle says:

    Hello, how sweet this is, way to go,

    Thanks for reminding me of my Austin, Texas experience,
    mentioning Mrs. Laura Bush’s Austin Book Festival, I still remember everything that day,

    Tom ( my Christmas born boy, 12/25/1997) ) and I rode the city bus and came to the library, which is located in another part of the town, we went to the library first, Mrs. Laura Bush was talking in front of the video camera when we entered the library door, we listened while roamed about between book shelves, later, we went outside, there was a stage, young girls dressed in dark green dresses performed dances, then Mrs. Laura Bush was outside, taking pictures with all kind of visitors, she was first lady to state governor Mr. Gorge W. Bush, someone told me that she was trying to make cases so that her husband could be elected to be the president of the U. S. A., for some reasons, we did not dare to talk or take photo with her, then the day started raining, the floor was wet, they had this long and big tent there, long tables stuffed with chocolate chip cookies and punch drinks free for visitors, the free books was in boxes, visitors can take as many as they wish,

    The book giving away by Mrs. Laura Bush is

    The very hungry caterpillar [Book] by Eric Carle

    I had Asian friend, Black friend, Mexican friend, Taiwan Friend, White Friend at the time, I took about 6 copies of the book, sorry for being greedy, I shared the books with my friends, thanks to you for such a fond memory to be recalled, I wrote this so that in case Mrs. Laura Bush read this post, she can confirm that I am not lying, smiles.

    we visited the state capital lots of times, my older boy, Sheng, who was about five years old at the time, attended a running competition on Christmas of 1998 along the street cross the state capital…

    we vacationed all of the cities in Texas, at that time, my family also attended church and studies bible for more than one year, this is rare since traditionally, we are not religious, a friend introduced us to a university church, we were glad to learn something new….

    That’s what I can tell so far.

    in June 2000, the entire family visited London, England for a week, before that, in 1999, Sheng and his Dad visited Germany for 10 days, taking lots of photos, sheng was treated lots of toys, especially Lego sets…

  12. tinkwelborn says:

    It was even better in 63-64.

  13. terri0729 says:

    How lovely!! I truly think this is a wonderful story. I am not one of the popular opinion people when I say that I thought President Bush and Laura were great White House stock. But, I always was a rebel of sorts, lol! Kudos, Terri

  14. Taylor says:


    glad to see this happen,

    Austin, Texas seems a lovely place to visit,
    and Mrs. Laura Bush seems a perfect first lady to learn from,

    way to go.

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