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short story slam week 68, reflections and updates

Gary Johnson has it, he believes in Steven Taylor, when Ajit Pai appeals in Divorcing court, Mary Morris, Marc Tower, and Charles Bacondo listen, we sail safe waters, stopping at Pearl Harbor, knowing our history and knowing Japanese and American … Continue reading

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Michelle’s Velentine

A princeton university colleague, Michelle’s Valentine is David Cordovacue. . A Harvard Law School Talents, David impresses Michelle and feels excellent. . Upon becomes a proud parent to Mahalia and Natasha, Mish and David progess well and obtain wisdom and … Continue reading

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summer vacation

hot waves baking sun not silky shades but swimming suits sweating weather! Damn! t-storm rolls earth shaking water parks naked stares lemon made watermelon juice barefeet skirts lots of mosquito bites boating surfing may birthday jun vacation Summer!

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an award for mary bruce leopold holm reed, how great!

Thursday poets rally week 79 perfect poet award, thanks to those who blog and comment, I’m glad to nominate spirit8writer for poets rally week 80 award, keep it up. red, yellow, and green, three colors compete, none of them agrees, … Continue reading

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percy bysshe shelley

percy seems as lonely as a star, which blinks its eyes at bysshe, when the moon frowns at bolsta, a wolf, of grey long legs, a haul, in the shadow, near the sea, percy bysshe shelley feels the dreams in … Continue reading

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Differences in View by Robin

A word to me could be an entire sentence to you. While a sentence to me could be only an idea too vague to comprehend. As my galaxy collapses in on itself exploding into millions more what fault do you … Continue reading

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Haiku July 13th: Happy Birthday to July Babies

Headlights, driving wheels, Gas pedals, breaking pedals, Think quick before act. . Speed up, and slow down, Signal, back, turn, and move on, Driving is learning. . Sirens, red lights, stop, Emergency traffic tells it, Follow the rules.

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Children Gather Round © Diane Sibold

  Children come and gather round Be very still, don’t make a sound This is what I have to say Keep it with you every day I wish I had the magic touch For each of you I love so … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Poems: Unlearned Lesson

Unlearned Lesson Memorial Day Of every year The little valiant Flags appear On every fallen Soldier’s grave– Symbol of what Each died to save. And we who see And still have breath– Are we no wiser For their death? ~Dorothy … Continue reading

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Dong Dan Jie and Tong Ren Tang Tea Bags

Parallel to Xi Dan, Xiu Shui, and Wangfujing Street, Perpendicular (Vertical) to Qian Men, East and West Chang An Street, Dong Dan Jie is one of the most celebrated business street at downtown Peking, It is walking distance to Forbiden … Continue reading

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