whirligig 347, a good writing exercise


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Private Property” by Analicia Sotelo:

drink, swim, look, bubbly, sage, broken, sprinkler, music, joking, violet, towel, stories

a drink for me?

laughed a slim fox in the woods,

the look on her face is joking…

some flowers wave their heads without looking up to the sky,

the forest is silent,

a bubbly bubble floats near,

broken twigs and musical waves

they exist , brushing breeze in ear

the fox walked pass the evergreen trees,

the fox hopped cross a narrow steam ,

the fox smelled a violet flower petal,

stories from heaven pour down to her brain

the woods are haunted by hidden storms

Fox in the Woods on Steam
A Fox on the Woods – life. health. fashion. travel. food. art.
Drawing sketch style illustration of a fox drinking from river creek with  woods trees forest in the background Stock Vector Image & Art - Alamy

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2 Responses to whirligig 347, a good writing exercise

  1. Cara H says:

    This has a nice rhythm and energy to it.

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