short story slam week 103


Image result for world dutyfree

world duty free shop in San Francisco air port

cva pharmacy

cvs pharmacy in new york manhattan, new york…129 fulton street,

hallmark greetings

a doll from hallmark

page's halmark shop

page’s halmark


lucinda and larry

kelsey and mark

anderson and jennifer

alex and austin

maxine and boomeron

eleaine and john

we know people and places

we recall megan turner and mark turner

we recall chuck robbins and suo feng

many business, many relatives,

sam walton, david smith, james kingfisher,

jessica hagy, harvey carter, london emerson,

shop for a good purpose

fitness, knowledge, romantic expression

why not listening to pop singer Jiang Yuheng and Wang Jie today?


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5 Responses to short story slam week 103

  1. Pingback: some profound blogs (Shanghai, Xingjiang,Yingchuan, Dalian,Heilongjiang, New york, Houston, Shijiazhuang,Beidaihe,Wenzhou, etc.) – when Justin Feinstein and Gerald Clancy agree, what would Patricia Gay and Nagisa Yamazaki do on Valmont

  2. a representation here often bring us lots of information….
    happy new year.

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