short story slam week 68, reflections and updates

Gary Johnson has it,

he believes in Steven Taylor,

when Ajit Pai appeals in Divorcing court,

Mary Morris, Marc Tower, and Charles Bacondo listen,

we sail safe waters,

stopping at Pearl Harbor,

knowing our history and knowing Japanese and American soldiers,

I trust faith, trust Thomas Sanders, trust Jerry Franklin,

I put behind some muddy moments in my closet,

showing bright face near Chuck Fleischer’s front yard,

hello, Lee Roy Smith, Russel Teubner, Cole Haas, Amanda Good, Katt Williams,

on my way to kitchen to eat my favorite food,

I scan my brain cells and recognize Beth Owen Smith and William Angie Smith,

hello, Bill Kearney, Derrik Lang, Fred Gonzalez, and Shannon Casey,

goodbye Tao Lizheng, Tom Kent, Jerry Yang, David Filo, and Zhu Jun

thanks to Doug Houchae, Jiu qwuansen, Xu Xiaojing, Wang Xiaochun, Chun Ni, Ma Diya




Judy  Wimberly, new orleans



Sheng, Sam, and James David Henneberry, OCU




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