Meet Bogue’s Preschool Day

Many prefer google

yet, Meet Bogue, Marissa Bogue, and Mark Bogue resides at yahoo


knowing Saint Maybelle,  Saint Wible, and Saint Anthony via Gloria,

Meet Bogue experts a sister Jana Bogue Flora


this March, on Saint Patrick’s day,

Meet Bogue wonders why some kids rebel


Uncle Young Pulse and cousin Alex Louis live near

they often think of Moutai (Maotai) beer


At preschool Silicon Valley, when Pipa, Vige, and Kara wave goodbye to Meet,

Teacher Lindsay, Alison, Megan, and Rachel stamped their feet


Friends Dana, Pamela, Laszlo, and Katy come to Meet’s rescue,

that’s when mother Ann and dad Zachary feed Meet some Jello Cube


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2 Responses to Meet Bogue’s Preschool Day

  1. colonialist says:

    The collective of Bogue can’t be real, coz it’s Bogue us?

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