Children Gather Round © Diane Sibold



Children come and gather round
Be very still, don’t make a sound
This is what I have to say
Keep it with you every day
I wish I had the magic touch
For each of you I love so much
I’d protect you day and night
I’d keep you safe within my sight
But oh so soon this will be
One by one you’ll say to me
That you must go, to find your way
Within my sight you can not stay
That is why I’ll make it clear
If you need me I’ll be here
Into this world you came through me
So till the day no more I see
Remember here you have a home
Never do you have to roam
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7 Responses to Children Gather Round © Diane Sibold

  1. a poem, a point of view, not my personal belief, yet it says something.

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