Dong Dan Jie and Tong Ren Tang Tea Bags

Parallel to Xi Dan, Xiu Shui, and Wangfujing Street,
Perpendicular (Vertical) to Qian Men, East and West Chang An Street,
Dong Dan Jie is one of the most celebrated business street at downtown Peking,
It is walking distance to Forbiden City, Zhongnan Hai, Northern Sea Park, Jing Mountain, and Tian An Men square.

Wangfujin Jie means Family Wang’s Manson,
Dong Dan Jie means East Side Street,
Xi Dan Jie implies West Side Street,
Qian Men Jie refers to Front Gate Street,
and Chairman Zedong Mao Memorial is inside the Tian An Men square.

Bookstores, Shopping malls, Geocery, Coffee and Tea shops stand shoulder to shoulder,
Beijing citizens fancy about Fashion on Food, wine Bar, pop music, Clothing, Lit., and Jewelry…
Say: High heeled boots and pure wool sweaters used to be hot,
Golden or Diamond rings are essential to some youth and marriage.

Wanda Group cinema and shopping mall is excellent,
Quan Ju De Kao Ya (Roasted Duck) is authentic Beijing luxury,
McDonald, KFC chicken, Pizza Hut, Subway adds light to local resident,
Digital cameras, Mozart music CDs, English-Chinese dictionary and books provide western culture and thrill to people such as Zijuan, Jian, Hua, Hui, Hongjian, Tina, Bingyan, Cora, Alissa, Mat, Sonny, Tomie, and Mary.

U. S. embassy is at the end of Xiushui (or Beautiful Water) Street,
Stationary and clothing there are more suitable for American visitors,
Students from Peking University and Tsing (Qing) Hua University are more likely to study aboard, n comparison to students graduated from Wuzi university, Meitan University, Shifan University, Qixiang Univerisity…
To be able to succeed in coming to USA, one has to study TOEFL and GRE for at least two years and get permission (a visa and a passport) by visiting the U. S. Embassy and Beijing Gong An Ju.

Beijing apples, banas, pears, watermelons, and cucumbers are eaten fresh,
Stuffed buns, fried dumplings, soy bean milk, Nestle coffee demonstrate some favorite tastes,
Tong Ren Tang teas such as Jasmine, Tie Guanying, Wulong, Longjin are feverish,
Beers or wines such as Yanjing, Qingtao, Beijing, Changbai, Maotai indeed win fame oversea.

Dong Dan Street is well developed,
Fancy hotels and Beijing taxi service crowd the street,
Visit Beijing and see an opera at National Opera House today,
Let contrasting culture, language, music, and spirit spark the talent inside you.

eossiyamocabahotel royal queens

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  1. some of the things may be forgotten if not recorded.


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