Friday 55: What You Ask For… by Raivenne-lations

niu shenga laura bush

Again, I awaken breathless.  Again, remembering nothing of the dreams that could cause such a state.  Last night I told myself -don’t think in the morning; say the first thing that comes to mind aloud, and I will remember.

So I did, and I did; but now I wish I hadn’t…

I dreamt of you.


bahamas holiday motelpeng at art museumsan_francisco_skyline schapiro=shiapirowu ya he shui or crow drinks water

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5 Responses to Friday 55: What You Ask For… by Raivenne-lations

  1. a story on a crow drinking water, which shows that, when the water is too shallow to reach, the crow comes up with an idea of dropping small stones or rocks into the bottle to rise the water level until he can have it, a story for young students to learn, think, and get inspired.

    sometimes, a block is no big deal when one calms down, and figure our a way to survive.

  2. i hope this is not too messy to enjoy a 55 by a talented blogger.

    crow=wu ya =dark bird=black bird,

    law= fa yu…

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