Sweet Poets Remembered By Jingle Poetry Community…

angelica at harvard university

While Jingle was working for Patricia Young
in Chicago, she babysat a few times for
a divorced Malasia lady,
Jingle Poetry community has at least three
outstanding Malasia supporters,
They are Ibok, Fiveloaf, and Riika,
Malasia citizens speak Chinese Mandarin,
most cities  are sparkly clean
because serious punishments are forced
if each spit in public.

beijing electric transformation cmpanyChicken_playing_guitar10q 3Bell1


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7 Responses to Sweet Poets Remembered By Jingle Poetry Community…

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Ji (or Monday, as she changed to) was a wonderful addition to the online poetry community and I am every grateful to her for her tireless efforts.

  2. fun facts, my dear.


  3. for some reason, hundreds of loving poets who support her (Ji or Yanji, Jingle Yan…) could not be honored individually here…but their selfless support, talents, and contribution to jingle poetry community, thursday poets rally at hyde park poetry will be recorded in Heaven, and they will be honored by the mighty god.

    prayers, take good care.

  4. well, a woman could do anything or everything for her kids,

    bless jingle or Ji, she is strong and well…keep it up.

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