Announcement: Positions Available

Hello, Poets Rally Fans:

Thursday Poets Rally will take a two weeks break,  Week 50 will be on

August 25-August 31, 2011, The linkz will be up on August 24, 10am, American central!

Official blogger site is under construction, if you wish to visit previous participants, you can visit:

We appreciate for the charming support and sincere/professional help.

PS: we are looking for new officials, 

One  position for Facebook Account/Twitter Account, respond to supporters, twit when the rally is on…

One position  is to post the perfect poet award based on previous winner’s nominations and evaluations of the current participants, the post time for the award  will change to Thursday, one full week apart from the date the rally starts…

For example, poets rally week 50 award winners shall be announced on August 31, 2011 or one day later…

Precondition:because of our previous experiences, we prefer to work with poets who are currently active at the rally, have the interests or dedication to serve our community for at least 3 months time period, and have the willingness to follow advice and stay positive and active at least one week each month as participants…Thanks for the attention!

If you can meet the requirement, please send your inquiry to,

Stay tuned, See you all then…

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6 Responses to Announcement: Positions Available

  1. Angela Cohan says:

    Great story….

  2. rostumetru says:

    Yes, wisely all the best

  3. Ava, you got the job.

    Thanks…………sent your email for details…

  4. Hello. I would love to post the Perfect Poet award position. Contact me at

  5. Ms. Queenly says:

    I’ve been out for a while, because I’ve been in the process of moving out of my home state, but come August 25th, I’ll definitely be there at Week 50! ~MsQ

  6. eddie cabbage is in for Twitter/Facebook page management…


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