The Perfect Poet Award 4 Poets Rally Week 47

Congratulations! The following Poets have won The Perfect Poet Award of week 47..

In general, we award 25-30% of participants, we need to keep the rate so that a FAIR number of poets are valued and appreciated biweekly, Thanks. Winners are drawn from nominations of week 46 winners. A small number of poets win because they have beautiful/perfect performance during week 47 or week 46.

(In No particular order)






Becca Givens


CC Champagne


Judith Evans








Catie Eliza


Cindy Eksuzian

Ginny Brannan




David Rheins

Miriam Sagan



Kiran Bashir Ahmad








Jack Edwards


Mr Blaque

Dan Baker

Cassiopeia Rises



Kim Nelson


Classic NYer


Jo Bryant



Mike Patrick

Anna Montgomery



K. Shawn Edgar



The UnderSide of Green






Misz μεταμόρφωσις


Rough Water John




Celebrating A Year

PS:  Daydreamertoo , Bendedspoon,  Liz Rice-Sosne, and Mark are nominated, but due to space limit and previous winning history, they will be given the award on week 48!  No poets will win two weeks in a row, which remains valid or active…

 Rules to Accept the Award:

  • Put the logo on your blog under your poets rally entry or any poem post before or on next rally.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag Promising poets poetry cafe to link back to This Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participant or current participant and U R done!

Criterion of the Nomination:

  • You must be A Thursday Poets Rally Participant for a minimum 1 week to be able to be nominated.
  • This award is given once every two weeks by Jingle at Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe Beginning week 41
  • Each Rally week, Jingle will award those Rally participants nominated by previous week winners but finalized by Jingle.
  • If a winner rejects the award and gets nominated once again, Jingle has to withhold the nomination until the poet eventually accepts the previous award.
  • This award is initialized and created by Jingle at Jingle.
  • Winners of this award have the option to choose one of the logos available to post in their blog upon acceptance. If the winner does NOT follow the rule to post the winning logo and nominate a poet along with the post, Jingle will consider a rejection to the award. Jingle will be responsible for nominating additional award winning poets for the week . (If u reject the award, then u can NOT make claim of this honor in the future in your blog or at any other public occasions).

A sample award acceptance is linked here:

Thursday Poets Rally Week 47 is still open for submission, to enter your entry, click on the link below:

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62 Responses to The Perfect Poet Award 4 Poets Rally Week 47

  1. Trinity Miln Moraserga says:

    As my “about” page indicates, I set up this blog with the intention of using it as an outlet for me to pour out the rambling thoughts in my head.

  2. Hello there! Nice post! Please inform us when all could see a follow up!

  3. Well, my wife and I were looking for some info about this, and we’re very glad that we came across this site.

  4. much better than the original!! I very much agree!

  5. I love what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  6. Thank you very much! this is the 3rd time… 🙂 makes me want to jump up and down!!
    Been so busy with work, but I will keep you all posted with my new ideas…
    Thank you very much! 😀

  7. Mitu says:

    its a very late acceptance due to circumstances……….but i’m very honoured………thank you so much!

    i want to nominate

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  9. becca givens says:

    I am not sure what happened to the acceptance post – but I accept with honor.
    My acceptance post is: and
    my nomination is
    Thank you!

  10. Looking back to a wonderful week 47 rally I am so grateful for the recognition and thankfully accept this terrific award! Cindy

  11. Tally says:

    A late acceptance:/ But here it is(hope i did it right):

    I nominate poemsaboutpeas:

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  13. ALIVE aLwaYz says:

    Thanks for the nomination.
    I accidentally changed my blog URL and cannot revert back, so find my acceptance link here.

  14. Leo says:

    accepted with much pleasure. thanks!

  15. Classic NYer says:

    Is this where I accept?
    Well, I accept!
    And here’s my acceptance speech:

    Thanks. 🙂

  16. Nominations from my side:
    Soul Speak ( )
    and Cemetery of Forgotten Poems (
    Wishing you all a great weekend

  17. Thank you, Jingle, for the Rally experience, the award, and the technical support. 🙂 Just in case my pingbacks do not work, I nominate Harry Nicholson, and my acceptance post is at:

  18. I’m honored by the reward, thank you so much…”Where poets unite, hearts blend and poetry rules…” – so true, feels good to be here 🙂
    I’ll be back with the nominations
    Hugs to all

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  20. Please help– I want to accept, but have not succeeded in posting the logo.

    • Jingle says:

      right click on the image, choose “save the image as”, save it to your folder or deskstop, upload, image, insert to your poem post…

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  24. Congratulations to everyone who received this wonderful award!! And I thank you so much for including me!
    I will sent another comment shortly with my nomination! Been on vacation!

  25. Catie Eliza says:

    Thank you very much! Here is my acceptance link

    Much love to all the poetry crowd. :] xx

  26. Ravenblack says:

    I accept the award. 🙂 Thanks for this, and thanks to those who nominated me, really appreciated everyone who has visited my blog, and read my poems.
    Here is my acceptance post:

  27. saya says:

    Thank you so much for the award and here is my acceptance :

    I would like to nominate jay :

  28. Jo Bryant says:

    Thanks everyone for nominating me for this award.
    I hope my acceptance is all good.
    and I’d like to nominate: A Lonely Yorkshireman –

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  30. Thank you! I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t had the chance to read many of the entries, so I’ll accept and nominate as soon as possible.

  31. Becca Givens says:

    Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you so much for including me in this award announcement … will post acceptance and nomination soon. Happy 4th for all the US participants.

  32. Thank you so very much for this award…..


  33. Thank you so much!
    Of course I accept the award. Hope I have done it correctly:

    Thank you again!

  34. thoughtsnotlost says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful award!

    Here is my acceptance and nomination for Week 48:

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  36. pure2core says:

    Hey! thank you so much …This award is to make me more proficient in writing a quality work…
    I accept this award and would continue writing and reading all the poetry submissions …
    I nominate
    Mike Patrick :-
    I thank the whole poet community once again…I enjoy being with you all…

  37. Hei Jingle, I do apologize there is a little mistake in the post, since i didn’t read the rule properly…. hehehe *silly me*
    please be advised 🙂
    Thanks for the chance that given to me 😀
    here the update:

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  39. also nominate mindlovemisery too… yaay~ i want nominate all great poem that i have read! *so greedy*

  40. yaayyy!! thats really surprising for me that I’m winning! thank you so much Jingle, and also the reader, commentator, also the visitor thought just winking in my blog. The joy for you too! For everyone a precious one… 🙂
    here I also nominate the inspiring poem:
    Andy McDonald:

  41. Thanks Jingle and Promising Poets Cafe, I’m honored to accept the award. Here’s my link, went the Tanka route this time:)

  42. jennirey says:

    I want to thank all who participated in the Thursdays Poets Rally, the Promising Poets’ Poetry Café and the Jingle Poetry community for my “Perfect Poets Award Week 47” I really want to thank all who stop by and read my writing, it really lifts this Gals sails..

    I nominate Andy

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  44. Thank you, Ji and congrats to all.

  45. Anna Montgomery says:

    I nominate mindlovemisery. Thank you.

  46. tarunima .. says:

    I accept the award, it is an honor:)
    Thank you.
    My acceptance-

    and i nominate Andy and daydreamertoo.

  47. RpT@ says:

    Thank you everyone for this award. I am more than honoured and accept the award with a happy link
    and I would like to nominate kagomesakura

  48. Jingle says:

    look at week 45, see if you like it.

    create one for your own and claim it as it is ..

  49. Thank you for your kind recognition! I humbly accept my award. Here is my link back to my poem:
    I nominate Martin for week #47 at Kalahari Blues blogspot:

  50. I accept and thank you so much everyone whose voted for me and believed in my work

  51. Kim Nelson says:

    Always an honor to have fellow poets appreciate my writing…

  52. Miriam Sagan says:

    Thank you so much! I nominate
    Can I post the award in my “about” section which gets a great deal of traffic?

  53. I, haikudoyou, gratefully accept this award and I nominate mindlovemisery – Thank you

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  55. CC Champagne says:

    Thank you, I accept – of course – and am honoured! I’ve even composed an imaginary thank you speech which you will find here:

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